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Nozha Beach – Ras Sudr

Only 90 min. lie between you and the sense of relaxation and happiness. No more than 165 km from Cairo (43 km after Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel and 10 km before Ras Sudr town) keep you from one of the most luxurious resorts in Ras Sudr.
At this great location, Nozha Beach established with a variety of world class features for owners and visitors on a tremendous area of 200 acres with a short length of 1200 m and land depth of 600 m.



The Largest Entertainment Complex in Ras Sudr



Aqua Park



Kids Area



Sports Hub




Water Activities Center



Ladies Beach



Yacht Marina


Time Nozha Beach Aqua Park Hotel & Resort

TIME Nozha Beach Aqua Park Hotel & Resort is the largest aqueous entertainment complex in Ras Sudr, Egypt. The property is comprised of 60 rooms and features various water slides and swimming pools with different depths to suit all family members. Its vibrant atmosphere of amusement and its 1200 meters’ coastal stretch of pristine white sand makes it an ideal spot for leisure, adventure, and relaxation.



2 Hours

From Cairo

165 KM

From Cairo

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